I’ve never met a nicer, more intentional bride than Nicole. And while I spent less time talking to Jake, his huge grin let me know that he’s never met a better gal either.



The opening to this wedding film is my all-time favorite, and it fits these two perfectly. Madeleine and Jake have a sweet gentleness about them, and their wedding was beautiful and heart-warming.



Not only are these two some of the funniest and kindest people I've ever worked with, they also had one of the best dance parties at their wedding. What more could we want? Good laughs. Good dancing. Good couple.



When I think of these two, I think of high-fives, good food, and hilarious company. If we could spend every weekend with this couple, I think we might. Becca and Bryan have a way of making you feel immediately welcomed, and you want to hang out with them forever. 

When people ask me why I do this job, I think of couples like this. I can't get over watching people adore one another and photographing their love.



When Danielle and Nate had their first kiss as husband and wife, the winds picked up and the craziest flower swirl surrounded them. That's pretty much the best description of the day. Wild, lively, and full of beauty. 



Sammi and Ryan celebrated their wedding with a beautiful ceremony and reception atop a hill in Lancaster county. Lauxmont Farms is a gorgeous property with rolling hills, horses, and three locations (including this glass rotunda!) for your celebrations. 

Film password: firstwedding



Shelby and Christopher were married at Bald Eagle State Park on what may have been the hottest day of the year (104 degrees during photos!). Somehow, they managed to remain glamorously snazzy the entire day and Sam's video showcases the joy, beauty, and good times of the day.